The Green Fields of the Mind. | Commission

The Green Fields of the Mind. | Commission

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I created for a good friend and avid baseball lover that had recently lost his dad. He read, an adaptation of “A Great and Glorious Game: Baseball Writings” at his fathers eulogy and I worked with his wife to create a piece that was a tribute to his dad and living your best life. I painted the entire passage on the canvas and then I played around with texture and then highlighted the last paragraph that reads:

I need to think that something lasts forever, and it might as well be that state of being that is a game; it might as well be that, in a green field, in the sun. -A. Bartlett Giamatti

I hope that everyone finds their happy in a “green field in the sun”, a basketball court or anyplace that brings you peace + joy. 

The Green Fields of the Mind.
Mixed Media

I  would love to work together to create something unique for you and your family to pay tribute to a family member. Please shoot me an email and we can get started! xo.